Cryprivista.com is an informative website focused on the crypto-world. It was born from an idea of Vladislav Golub, a passionate about the sector who has studied and invested in the markets of new digital gold.

The project started on facebook at the beginning of 2018. In less than six months it has gained more than 6600 followers on Facebook and over 2000 on the other social media, such as Telegram, Twitter and Instagram becoming one of the Italian leaders in the sector.

Meanwhile, a team of enthusiastic people was created and afterwards it has developed and launched in October 2018 the online platform to share daily news and live information on the markets and blockchain.

Cryptorivista.com is currently in the top five Italian websites on cryptocurrency.


The aim of cryptorivista is to become the most influent platform in Italy specialized in sharing and analyzing every event regarding the crypto-industry, for instance news, articles, video tutorial and live streams with the most important experts in the crypto-related field that will allow users to interact with questions or express their opinions.

The topics covered will be cryptocurrencies, fintech and blockchain that are fundamental concepts to understand and study the crypto-economy, its evolution and its possible uses to create innovative businesses.


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